Why I didn’t cry during my in-laws renewal of vows ceremony, and why I *probably* won’t cry during your wedding either.

During the weeks and months before my in-laws renewal of vows ceremony (at which I was celebrant), I cried plenty of times. I cried while I read articles and renewal ceremonies online. I cried while I wrote their ceremony… especially when I read the ‘our story’ they sent me, which thankfully someone else read during the ceremony. I sniffled while I practiced it… and when we told my mother in law it was happening.

Of all the ceremonies I have officiated as a celebrant, this was the one ceremony I was quite sure was going to turn me into ‘the-celebrant-who-also-cried’. But in the couple of days leading up to their ceremony I sort of just didn’t cry anymore.

Because on the day – their day, and your day – it’s my job to not cry. It’s my job to make sure everything happens as planned, or as close to planned as possible. From bride’s entrance to first kiss and beyond.

I don’t know you or your guests yet, but chances are pretty good a Mum or two, an Auntie or a romantic friend will shed a few tears… maybe even one or both of you, and that is so totally absolutely okay!

And don’t get me wrong I still feel the emotion, I still completely adore seeing the love in your eyes, in your actions and hearing it in your words… you’ll see me smiling fit to burst in a LOT of your wedding photos (either that or making a weird talking face). But the most you’ll (I’ll add ‘likely’ here, just to cover my butt) see on the day, is me take an ever so slightly longer than expected pause, and a deep breath, then carry on… it’s only later if I get to see some wedding photos that I let the soppy romantic in me out for a wee tear or two.Sue and Greg pic 1

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