Does everyone know your homeboys and homegirls?

By homeboys and homegirls I of course mean your bridal party.

Whether it’s because you and your husband or wife to be have moved around (as so many of us have) or you have lots of groups of friends – friends from work, sport, school, childhood, Uni chances are good your friends don’t all know each other. Not to mention your family from around the country, or even the world.

So there’s a good chance not everyone will know the people you’ve chosen to support you and stand next to you as you marry.

When I first started as a celebrant, a couple asked me to include a bridal party introduction near the beginning of their ceremony. I thought it was a wonderful idea! They had chosen a selection of people to be their groomsmen and bridesmaids – siblings, childhood friends, Uni friends. They wanted everyone to know who these people were to them (without having to have the same conversation 100 times over at the reception about who the bridesmaids and groomsmen are).

They chose to write quite detailed (and tongue in cheek) introductions for each member of their bridal party, which I read for them. But how detailed, how funny, how serious is up to you. You know what you/ they/ your family and friends will be comfortable with.

A bridal party introduction isn’t something every couple does, but it’s a really nice idea. Particularly if you have bridesmaids or groomsmen who don’t know many of the guests at your wedding – it breaks the ice for them a bit. Not to mention it allows you to introduce a little humour early in the ceremony (if that’s what you want to do).

Wherever you’re planning to marry – congratulations and happy planning! If you’re planning to marry in the Mackenzie, Mt Cook or South Canterbury I’d love to hear from you.

Hannah xx

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