Pinterest, using your friends as slave labour and thinking outside the box

Okay so I love Pinterest.  I’m not addicted… I can stop any time I want, I swear!

Some of my boards are full of things I actually attempt.  Like food, most things I pin I actually try and make.  This one is my breakfast favourite at the moment.

And this one I make several times every rhubarb season.

And some are full of things I may never (will probably never) even attempt, let alone succeed (or fail) at.  Like this one.

It really is gorgeous, but I think the ‘stab- myself- with- a- needle- while- making- it’ count will be higher than my acceptable limit of 20 times.

My point is, when it comes to your wedding there are some things you can DIY (depending on the you in question, maybe more, maybe less, maybe actually nothing).

This post isn’t coming from my years of experience as a celebrant.  It’s coming from my experience as a bride.  We’ve been married nearly 10 years (well before Pinterest was invented, whew!) we DIY’ed a few things – husband made teacup shaped candles to go with the teacups full of lollies as table decorations, we made our own wedding invitations, and some beautiful felted wool shawls.  Actually I think that’s about it.  And the week before our wedding was still pretty manic!

When it comes to planning your wedding with the help of pinterest, every time you see something you think you’d like to make for your wedding ask yourself four questions (and be honest about the answers!)

  1. Am I good at this? See these Pinterest fails right here if you’re in any doubt as to what I mean
  2. How much time will it take? (One handmade intricate papercraft thank you card might take you an hour, and you have how many guests?)
  3. How far in advance can you do this? (Done and dusted 6 months in advance, even 6 days, sweet as! Will need attention the morning of your wedding – ummm I was up at 6 to fit in hair and make up, dressed, fed and photos before a 2pm wedding)
  4. Will it actually cost less (if that’s your motivation) to do this yourself?/ Do I actually need it at all?

And DIYing isn’t the only option for saving money.  Make use of the skills your friends and family possess.

  • Doing all our flowers was a gift from my husband’s cousin (a florist).
  • My sister in law did our make up (not trained but really good at it)
  • Our cake was made and decorated by my Mum’s oldest and best friend (a cake decorator by trade) who gave us a wicked price.
  • Our wedding cars were my parents and one of their friends pretty standard modern Holden Commodores – driven by my sister and my husband’s brother in law.
  • Our celebrant was a long time friend of my husband’s family (if you’re thinking of getting married on Stewart Island ask me for her number, she was great!)

Not forgetting thinking outside the box for other things.

  • Afternoon tea catering was done by a local school PTA for fundraising
  • Dinner catering was done by a local netball team for fundraising
  • A friend of mine has booked the Timaru RSA for their reception. Become a member (you don’t have to be/ have been in the services to join) and it’s free.

I love weddings.  And I love them all.   Whatever your special day means to you, whatever traditions (old or new) you’re choosing to follow, whatever your budget, your theme, your cake flavour I wish you all the best.  Both for your wedding day and all the days that come after.

And if you’re planning to marry in the Mackenzie Country/ Mt Cook/ South Canterbury or North Otago, I’d love to hear from you.  You’ll find all my contact details on the contact tab of my home page.

Congratulations and happy planning xx

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