The bearer of rings

Who should hold your wedding rings?

There are two traditional options for who will be entrusted with your wedding rings prior to the ring exchange portion of your ceremony.

The first traditional option is the best man.  Although actually it doesn’t matter whose attendant it is, someone wearing something with pockets is a good choice as they then have somewhere to put the rings.  Although a bouquet with an extra ribbon tied around the base specifically to hold the rings would work well too.

The second traditional option is a page boy (or girl).  When I say entrusted with the rings, when it comes to children, I highly recommend an adult hold onto the rings until the moment the child is sent down the aisle.  If you choose to have a page boy, you can have them make their entrance as part of the bridal party, often with a bridesmaid.  They can either stay standing with the bridal party or then hand the rings on to one of your attendants and go sit down.  Or the page boy can sit with all the other guests and deliver the rings to you or one of the attendants when we get to the ring exchange part of the ceremony.

Another option is a non child act as ‘page boy’.  This might be a sibling or other family member or friend you’d like to involve in the ceremony, but aren’t part of the bridal party.

Or if you have a dog which is special to you (and reasonably well trained) they can bring the rings to you when it’s time for the ring exchange part of the ceremony.  If you choose to do this, having someone you and your dog know and trust keep hold of your dog at the back of the ceremony works well.  You can choose to have the rings tied to your dog’s collar, or on a pillow attached to a harness around their middle – you’ll know what’s likely to be most comfortable for your dog.

If you want to, you could even bring each other’s rings with you (as in the ring you’ll be giving rather than the ring you’ll be getting).  Whether that be in your pocket, on one of your own fingers, attached to a bouquet, or worn on a chain around your neck.

And in the case of elopements, as the celebrant I’m often given the rings before the ceremony to hold onto and give to each partner when we get to the ring exchange part of the ceremony.  There’s no reason you couldn’t choose to do the same for a larger wedding.

So, as with most elements of a wedding ceremony, while traditions exist, and you’re more than welcome to follow them, you can also choose to do anything that feels right to you.

Congratulations on your engagement, whatever type of ceremony you’re planning, happy planning.  And if you’re planning to get married in the Mackenzie Country/ South Canterbury/ Mt Cook/ North Otago area I’d love to hear from you.  My contact details are all on the contact tab of my blog homepage.

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