A wedding, ten years on

Tomorrow (January 28th) husband and I will have been married ten years.   It’s been a wonderful ten years.  And it was a wonderful wedding… but despite all the intense planning of every little detail, these are the top ten things I remember, that I REALLY remember, from that day.

1.        My Nana was there.  She was in a wheelchair following a stroke a couple of years earlier.  But she was there, I got to share my day with her.  She passed away a couple of years later.

2.       My Dad’s speech at our reception – it was so sweet, it made me well up (but not wreck my mascara!)

3.       Running early for our reception, stopping off at the Gorge Road Town and Country Club for a quick drink and having a drunk tattooed bearded man shaking my hand repeatedly and telling me I looked beautiful.

4.       Our wedding vows.  Cheesy they may have been, but they were based on poems we had written each other as teenagers.

5.       Doing the hokey tokey with my extended family-in-law

6.       Being piped into the ceremony and the reception by my first school teacher.

7.       Being incredibly hot in my enormous hooped wedding dress.  It was a scorching hot Southland day

8.       My husband to be slipping my new engagement ring on my finger at the rehearsal (I’d broken my last one and didn’t know a new one was coming)

9.       My friend singing the beautiful Dr Hook song ‘Years From Now’ for us at the ceremony.

10.   My sister doing skiddies whilst driving our wedding car on the gravel road coming back from the Fortrose golf club (sorry Dad, I don’t think she was technically insured that day either!)


It may seem like we didn’t have table decorations or food or dancing or guests or a venue.  (We did).  Or that I wasn’t worried about them and all the much tinier details of the day.  (I was).  But ten years on these are the things that matter to me most.  These are the things that still make me a little bit teary (or laugh… again sorry Dad).  Well these things and still being married to the most wonderful man on the planet.

I can’t tell you what will still matter to you ten years on.  But chances are it will either be people, little things that have special meaning for you… or things you just can’t plan.  So wherever you’re planning to marry… make sure you plan YOUR wedding.  A ceremony that reflects who you are and a reception that will make YOU happy (forget about the smiling magazine couples.  Whatever you do, make sure it’s about what will make you, and those who are important to you, happy).  Then when the big day does come, roll with it – just think, if we’d gone straight to the reception I never would have gotten to meet the very emotive bearded tattooed man! 

Oh and Clement, you really are the most wonderful man on the planet xx.

gradution pic

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