21st Century Celebrant

I remember the first time I ever used Skype.  It was a few years ago in a Youth Hostel in Salzburg Switzerland.  Tracy (who I’d just taken a slightly hungover ‘sites of Sound of Music’ tour with, and who turned out to know a bunch of the same people I do from Southland – small world!) let me borrow her Skype to make a ridiculously cheap call home to my Mum and Dad.

I’ve learned a lot about Skype since then.  Video calls… it’s like we’re the Jetsons!!  Jetsons

And so long as you’re both on Skype (which is free to join) it’s free to make the calls!

I’ll admit it sounds like I’m writing an ad for Skype.  I’m not! Skype just really works for me as a celebrant – and you as engaged couples.

To give you a chance to make sure that I’m someone you can get along with, someone who you think is going to fit with your vision for your big day, I try to meet every couple looking to book me asap after they make contact.

And there are so many reasons why meeting in actual real person in Fairlie won’t work out… maybe while you’re planning to get married in South Canterbury/ Mackenzie Country/ Mt Cook/ North Otago you live overseas, or in NZ but not near Fairlie, or maybe your work schedules are hectic and getting the time to get to Fairlie together is too hard.  Whatever your reason (and they’re all valid!), this is where Skype comes in. It’s meeting in person, without either of us having to leave our lounges – and what’s not to love about that.

Not being able to come to where I am shouldn’t impact on the service you get from me.  So yeah, I’m all about Skype!

Wherever you live, wherever you plan to get married… congratulations on your engagement and happy planning.  And if you are planning to marry in The Mackenzie Country/ South Canterbury/ Mt Cook or North Otago, I’d love to hear from you.  You’ll find my contact details on the contact tab of my home page.


Xx Hannah

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