Peekaboo… seeing each other before the ceremony

Whether or not you’re a superstitious person, chances are good on your wedding day you’ll wear something old something new something borrowed and something blue because it’s good luck.  That you’ll cut your cake together as a wish for future fertility (well you might not know why, but you’ll probably do it).  And it’s highly likely that you won’t see each other before the ceremony because it’s bad luck.


But I saw something this week that made me willing to kick all my superstitions about that last one to the kerb.  I saw photos of a couple’s ‘first looks’.  


First looks is choosing to make the first time you see each other on your wedding day something between just the two of you (and if you want a photographer).  To have a quiet moment together (one of very few you’ll get all day) before you put yourself on show in front of all your friends and family.


I can see a couple of really good reasons to have a first look.  The first being getting married is for you… but your wedding can feel like it’s as much about your guests as the two of you… if you have bridesmaids and groomsmen you might not get the opportunity to be alone together until you’re headed for your wedding night accommodation somewhere around midnight.


And the second is nerves.  Almost every couple gets nervous before they get married… but those nerves are almost always about being the centre of attention, not about getting married.  Having a moment to reaffirm that you’re ready, you’re sure, you’re rock solid, together, is really special.  Not to mention the person you’re about to marry is the person who knows best how to calm your nerves.


Whether you choose to do first looks, or see each other at the ceremony, it’s a super special moment.  I know because it’s my favourite part of the ceremony… getting to see the faces of the two people I’m marrying as they see each other – usually for the first time – on their wedding day.  


Whatever traditions, old or new, you’re planning to follow on your wedding day, congratulations and happy planning.  If you’re planning to get married in the Mackenzie Country, South Canterbury, Mt Cook or North Otago area I’d love to hear from you.  My contact details are all available on the contact tab on my home page.
Hannah xx

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