Congratulations to the mystery couple

Beautiful purple flowers for a beautiful purple bride

It’s really hard to write a blog post congratulating the happy couple I married on the weekend, when I promised to not let their names (or any particularly identifying details) pass my lips (or cross my keyboard)  until they’ve told their friends the knot has already been tied.  But I’ll do my very best.


So super congratulations to the happy couple!  You and your families were a blast to hang out with.  Your ceremony was beautiful, intimate and relaxed.  And I so hope it was everything you wanted it to be.  It was an honour to play a part in finally getting you two hitched (I know you won’t be offended by me saying that because both of you and both of your Mums have said it to me over the last few months).


And after several months on the bench, it was great to get my celebrant hat on again.  Totally looking forward to the next one!


If you’re planning a wedding, whether it be big or small, in the Mackenzie Country, South Canterbury, Mt Cook or North Otago, and you’re in the market for a celebrant, I’d love to hear from you.  Give me a call on 027 384 7886, email me at or message me on my Facebook page


Congratulations to all you all, whether newlywed, recently engaged or in the middle of planning your big day


Hannah xx

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