From the Wedding Album: Shelley and Andrew

I love every wedding I do… but every celebrant will tell you there’s something super special about getting to marry friends.

I’ve known Shelley for several years and was absolutely stoked when her and Andrew asked me to be their celebrant.  They got married at Waiora Scout Camp just out of Dunedin in September of 2014 (which FYI is an amazing venue, one I recommend to anyone looking to get married around Dunedin.)IMG_0187You don’t need to be a Scout to hire the camp, although Andrew has been involved with Scouts for a long time, so there was a few Scouting things we incorporated into their ceremony – the tying of the knot, which Shelley talks about below, the ending to their ceremony I based on the Scout Law, and they had the cutest guard of honour I’ve ever seen.  Scouts lined the entrance to the outdoor chapel for both Shelley’s entrance and Shelley and Sossie’s exit as newlyweds.


They had an indoor option at the Scout Camp planned but really didn’t want to use it unless absolutely necessary.  The day turned out fine enough, it threatened to rain on and off all morning but never came to anything.  Thank goodness… or all the family who tried to convince me we should have the wedding inside might have chucked me in the river if they’d gotten wet!


I often write about how awesome I am (I’m so very awesome… and incredibly humble too).  But just so you know I’m not hopelessly deluded, the words below are all Shelley’s.


Hannah was already a friend when I asked her to marry me.

While she obviously knew me, what was really impressive was the time she spent getting know my husband to be. And then she created a beautiful ceremony that was completely suited and unique to us.

My husband is in the scouting movement and we married at a scout camp. We even tied a scouting knot to symbolise our union. Hannah accommodated everything we wanted to make this a day truly significant to the two of us. And if I was to give any advice it would be to strive for that. It’s about the two of you so do what you want and what means the most to you.  It’s easy to get caught up in what others say you should do but the memories you will hold dearest will be the things you do that really connect the two of you. Like tying that knot!

Thanks Hannah for a truly special experience.

Shelley and Andrew McConnell


Congratulations on your engagement!  Wherever and whenever you’re choosing to get married, happy planning.

If you’re getting married in South Canterbury/ the Mackenzie Country/ North Otago or Mt Cook and are in the market for an (awesome) celebrant, I’d love to hear from you.

You can call me on 027 384 7886, email me at or find out more about me, and message me via


Hannah xx


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