Real Weddings: Sarah and Mike

It turns out Weatherman Sam was right about the weather not being conducive to a helicopter flight out of Tekapo last Friday.  And while that would have been really really awesome – I mean who doesn’t want to go for a ride in a helicopter – Sarah and Mike’s elopement wedding in Tekapo was so much fun, I don’t care.

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There’s not a whole lot of options for indoor/ alternative wedding ceremony venues in Tekapo, so they opted for a ceremony at their accomodation.  Luckily that was still super cool as they had booked a beautiful brand new cottage on top of the hill.


When people think elopement in New Zealand, they tend to think foreigners coming here.  And that is often the case, but Sarah and Mike are from Christchurch, and wanted to elope in their own country (with places like Tekapo in NZ, you can totally see why!) They came with the full blessing of their families.  Their parents were supportive of their choice to get married alone, but I’m sure were still really looking forward to seeing the photos and video their photographers took for them.  Just as an aside, when it comes to videoing your wedding, especially when you’re wanting it to show people who weren’t there on the day rather than put away as a keepsake of the day just for you, pay as much attention to sound as to picture.  Mike wore a wireless lapel mike which was hooked up to the video camera to pick up his, Sarah’s and my voice in full.


But back to Sarah and Mike’s day.  I arrived a little bit early, they were still getting their pre wedding photos taken, which was a relaxed, fun (and totally beautiful) affair.  There was lots of laughter in the air along with the kind of nerves that are really excitement – both for the ceremony that was about to take place and the lives they have ahead of them as Mr and Mrs Dixon.

Their lovely photographers put together a beautiful ceremony area outside on the tiny lawn (I really am jealous of people who can put together a room or a photo or meal and make it look like in the magazines!) using just what was available to them from the cottage.  I made sure Sarah and Mike took a couple of minutes inside just the two of them before the ceremony began – it’s so easy with elopements for the arrival of the couple to be a non event, but I think whether a couple chooses to arrive together or the traditional one partner waiting for the other at the end of the aisle, the entrance is still an important part of the ceremony, whether there’s 2 guests or 200.


From the ceremony area we were overlooking the misty Lake Tekapo.  I say we, but Sarah and Mike really only had eyes for each other.  Their ceremony was beautiful, they managed to pack tears and laughter into the ten minutes or so it took to make it official.

Photo credit to Paul Wilson

Afterwards Mike did a beautiful job of cracking the bubbles and we shared a toast to the newlyweds, photographers and all.

I really could have stayed there all day chatting with these two super happy newlyweds, but they had a day of photos to be getting on with and I had a bubba to be getting back to.


I never understood elopements until I started doing them.  Now I love them!  And this one was absolutely stunning – in fact their back up plan would be a great plan A for a Tekapo elopement.  If you’re interested in any or all of their wedding suppliers they are:


Celebrant:  Me!

Photographer:  Paul and Dasha (who also made very enthusiastic witnesses) (also the average pictures on here are mine from my phone, the good ones are Paul’s!)

Venue:  Mary Hut booked via Tekapo Holiday Homes

Helicopter: Even though they didn’t end up going up on their wedding day, they’re planning to go up this weekend, weather permitting.  The company was really good about keeping in contact and letting them know what their options were.


Hair and Make up:  Ruby Ruin Timaru.  It’s ok you’re not in the wrong place.  Check out the hair and make up album under photos.

Wedding attire:  Sarah’s dress by suit by Meccano.


And a couple of my suppliers:

Bubbles:  Quartz Reef (a vineyard just out of Cromwell in Central Otago, which among other wines makes a delicious bubbly) quartz reef

Wine bag:  My mother in law, the talented Sue Lind.  If you like the look of the wine bag for your day, or to make the gift of a bottle of wine extra special, she sells them for $20 + postage, give me a call and I’ll put you in touch with her.


Congratulations again Sarah and Mike!  Thank you for the delicious red velvet cake in a cup, very tasty and seriously cool!



Whether you’re choosing an elopement, a small wedding or a big event… congratulations and happy planning!  If you’re looking for a fun celebrant for your wedding anywhere in The Mackenzie Country/ South Canterbury/ Mt Cook/ North Otago, I’d love to hear from you.  You can contact me by phone 027 384 7886, email or message me through my Facebook page

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    THIS. How stunning!


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