Meet my mate: Bev Bell, wedding photographer

I’ve been working as a celebrant for over 3 years now.  I’ve met a lot of other people working in the industry.  I want to share some of them with you, especially those who I work with regularly, and see how well they do their job time and time again.  Consider this me doing some of your research for you (you’re welcome!).  Today, meet my mate, Bev Bell.

Bev is a photographer I’ve worked with a lot.  She’s a Mackenzie local just like me.  She knows the good spots for photos – not just in general either, but the best spots for every possible situation – wind, rain, snow, blazing sunshine, 5 inch stilettos!  She’s also the photographer who taught me to step out of the kiss shot at the end of the ceremony (by reminding me over and over and over again – thanks Bev!)

Would I recommend her – absolutely!  

Not only is her work beautiful (I’ve included a whole bunch of her pictures in this post, but click through to her website – link at the bottom – to see even more) she’s just easy to be around.  


She’s fun, she’s laidback and my favourite thing about Bev as a photographer (and you’ll see what I mean if you look at her website) is she takes beautiful action shots and even the posed shots look relaxed and natural… not stiff and awkward.  


Do I wish I’d known Bev when we had our wedding nearly 11 years ago?  Yes, that’s a 100% resounding yes.


And now just for something a little different, I’m asking each of my ‘mates’ to tell you about their wedding day – complete with photographic evidence.  The things they loved, anything they would change and any advice they have for soon – to – be – newlyweds.  And obviously what they do now.  Take it away Bev!


‘Murray and I were married on the 22nd May, 1982, in Tauranga – in a joint ceremony with my two sisters and their fiancees.

And just to add to that story, our 2 other sisters, who are twins, were some of our bridesmaids.

Bev and Murray’s wedding photo from 1982.  That’s them in the middle, aren’t they just the cutest!  And Murray I love the sideburns, though Bev tells me she’s happy they’ve not been permanent 🙂

So for Murray and I, it was a really great day!  We loved every bit of it!

We actually had like 3 different services, each half an hour, which must have been VERY boring for the 200 guests!  We were totally oblivious to all of that!


What was special on our day :-

*Walking down the aisle towards Murray.  I felt like I was absolutely glowing with joy.  And at the other end was Murray, who was crying when he saw me.  (I liked that then, I love seeing other couples look and feel the same now)

*Our vows – although we didn’t write them ourselves, we memorised them.

*After the wedding, we were supposed to go to the Rose Gardens (sorry, but that’s what you did in those days!) – and we couldn’t, because it ABSOLUTELY poured with rain!  So we had all our wedding photos inside.  And here’s the thing – it didn’t matter one bit!  It really didn’t!  

Is there anything I would do differently?  No, there isn’t.  We loved our day, and have sweet memories of it as if it was yesterday.

I’m now a wedding photographer myself, and my advice to any couple is:

*Enjoy the day!  Sure, do all you can beforehand to make it the best day ever, but if things go wrong on the day, don’t worry. Just enjoy the day!  

*Consider writing your own vows, and when you say them to each other, look at each other with real love.

*Hang in there after you get married!  Your marriage will have ups and downs, but love is not based only on feelings, it’s a commitment – for life.  And if you find sometimes that you’re overwhelmed, and don’t think you’re going to make it – get some help.  Most of the time, it can be resolved.  


As a wedding photographer myself, I love building relationships with my couples.  It’s not just a job.  I love the couple.  I love it when I hear (usually on Facebook), that there’s a new addition arriving in their family, or what they’ve been up to!’

Wherever you’re getting married, congratulations!  If you’re choosing to marry in South Canterbury/ the Mackenzie Country/ North Otago/ Mt Cook, and are looking for a fun celebrant or photographer, Bev and I would love to hear from you.


You’ll find Bev at or you can call her on 027 458 3865

And to get in touch with me message me via email me at or call me on 027 384 7886.


Hannah xx


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