From the wedding album: Niki and Richie

Niki and Richie got married in the Tasman River Reserve between Glen Tanner and Mt Cook Village in December of 2014.  It was an overcast day, but with the backdrop of New Zealand’s tallest mountain set against the wide open river valley, it didn’t look dull, it looked dramatic and moody.

Stunning, yes 100%… bit cold, yes 100%!  Photo credit KelseaK Photography

And yet they didn’t choose their location for it’s beauty, or at least not only for its beauty.  They’ve spent a lot of time climbing, tramping and kayaking in the Mt Cook area, it’s special to them.  They wanted to get married somewhere not just special… but special to them.

Who else has a job where they legitimately get to smile as much as I do!!  Photo credit KelseaK Photography

Like they say below, they made a lot of decisions about their wedding based on what was special to them, rather than what’s expected – and that totally is the best advice.

My favourite part of their wedding day was having the two of them repeatedly ask me from the moment they had their first kiss as husband and wife if they were officially married yet because they were just totally amping to be beginning their marriage adventure.  That and their first kiss actually being their second because Richie couldn’t wait and kissed Niki almost as soon as she arrived.  

Photo credit KelseaK Photography

Niki and Richie, I don’t think I’ll ever forget your enthusiasm for life, love and each other.  Go well you two!


I’ve had my two cents.  I want to let Niki and Richie tell you their story from their perspective.

We knew Hannah was the celebrant for us before we’d even met her.  There was a bunch of celebrants in the area but Hannah stood out… we wanted someone who was young, down to earth, vibrant, fun and a little bit funky.  Hannah had heart lollies on her website so we knew she wouldn’t be your run of the mill celebrant and we were right.

Right from the first meeting we loved Hannah! She was so easy to talk to, had a great sense of humour and was so prepared. She was open to ideas, open to being creative and she provided guidance but gave us freedom to make the ceremony ours.  Hannah gave us ideas for different parts of the ceremony and then worked with us to create a ceremony with our own unique spin.  Something that was really important to us was having a ceremony that wasn’t too long – we wanted to be married as soon as possible! We wanted a ceremony that flowed and kept the guests attention, there’s nothing worse than boring celebrants!  Hannah was all that and more and we had so many compliments about how beautifully done the ceremony was.

Speaking of special time together.  I’m pretty sure Niki and Richie opted to have a ‘first looks’ shoot.  Tradition is lovely, but so is getting to enjoy the moment when you first see each other on your wedding day as a special private time. Photo credit KelseaK Photography

Bride and grooms to be… First, congratulations! It’s such a special time planning your wedding! My advice would be to make sure you spend time with just the two of you on your wedding day – the day is about the two of you, so sneak away for some alone time. Have fun, and make it uniquely yours! We did a mash up for our wedding dance and aside from the “I do’s” it was one of the highlights! I took my heels off after the ceremony and wore white Chuck Taylors for the reception. We took off in a helicopter for photos.


We had an unplugged ceremony. Those things might not be important to you, they were for us. Whatever you do, make the day yours. Getting married is a huge party with all your friends and you only do it once so do it right.

Hannah, we really can’t thank you enough for being a part of our day, we literally couldn’t have tied the knot without you, ha ha!  But we wouldn’t want to do it without you either, you are truly one of a kind.

Richie and Niki Jacomb

A selection of their suppliers…

Celebrant:  Me!  All my contact details are just below

Photographer:  KelseaK Photographer

Helicopter:  The Helicopter Line

Bride’s dress:  Jasmine’s Bridal

Hair:  Charlotte Barlow at House of Hair

Make up:  Haley Kirkbeck at Remarkable Beauty

Suits:  Munn’s

Reception venue:  The Hermitage Mt Cook The Hermitage Hotel


Wherever you choose to get married.  Wherever is special to you, congratulations and happy planning!  If you’re looking for a – to quote Richie and Niki – a young, down to earth, vibrant, fun and funky celebrant in the Mackenzie Country/ South Canterbury/ Mt Cook/ North Otago area, I’d love to hear from you.  You can see more about me and message me on Facebook call me on 027 384 7886 or email me at


Hannah xx


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