Meet my mate: Lu Taylor, artisan extraordinaire at ‘Pickles & Stitches’

I’ve known Lu for around 4 years (I met her at Playgroup when our first dear darling daughter was a few months old).  So knowing that she’s a friend whose friendship I value dearly, it would be all too easy to believe that I’m playing the ‘she’s awesome’ song a little louder than is truthful… which is why I’ve included lots of photos of her work so you can see that actually if anything I should be turning it up.

Like Lu says below she makes me a selection of handmade wedding cards every year.  As you can see they are beautiful.

Lu’s beautiful cards!  Each one handmade with love.  Photo credit Me!

She makes lots of cards – not just wedding cards for me.  And at $5 a pop (I know, she’s undercharging right!!) they have so much more character than a mass produced one from the bookshop for $7!

She forgot that she also made the sign I take with me whenever I have a stall at a show or expo.  When I bought the frame it had the world’s ugliest long stitch in it, and while the frame was a horrible shade of purple it was in excellent condition… and then Lu turned it into this!!

Like I said… artisan extraordinaire!

She’s even responsible for this piece of gorgeousness which will be soon be making its way (sooo belatedly) to a friend’s little girl for her first birthday.

There’s so much Lu does that I haven’t included here – jewellery, crafts, art, cards, bunting (I have the cutest bunting on the wall in our second darling daughter’s room, but she was asleep so I couldn’t take pictures) and more.  She’s totally worth keeping an eye on, and she posts New Zealand wide.

Now that I’ve told you all the wonderful things Lu does but wasn’t going to tell you about, I’ll let you tell her your story (and play the ‘she’s awesome’ song for me just a wee bit too)

 ‘I was never one of those girls who day-dreamed about her wedding, in actual fact I don’t think I ever even played make-believe weddings as child! It just wasn’t on my radar, not something that I ever really gave much thought to – I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I didn’t think I’d meet the man of my dreams & get married….. But on a beautiful autumn day in Fairlie, in April 2009 I did & I’m pleased to say, I’m still happily married to him today!


Despite the fact that we were married before I knew Hannah, so she wasn’t our celebrant, I’m still thrilled that she has asked me to share our wedding with you!

We chose to have a very low-key, small wedding, which we wanted to be beautiful, intimate & low fuss. My father had passed away after a long illness in the December before we married, so while we were never going to be a couple opting for a big elaborate affair, the fact that we were having our wedding without my father made it even more important to keep it simple & only for the people closest to us.

Speaking from experience, I think that it’s important to consider your emotions when planning your wedding close to time of a loss – do you want to refer specifically to passed loved ones? Or will that be too difficult? We chose a less is more approach because I knew that my emotions were still very raw & would be running high!

We had the opportunity to include some of our own words within our ceremony, which was important to us. We took a moment to light a candle in honour of my father which was very special. It was a lovely ceremony, although in hindsight we probably would have liked to have injected a little bit more of our personalities into it. Having spent time with Hannah over the years & seeing how individual she makes each couples ceremony, I feel really strongly that this is something that makes your wedding day extra special & I think that this was possibly the one part of our day that we would give more attention to.

I’m pleased to say that when we think back to our wedding day, we both agree that it was amazing & we feel so blessed to have had such happy memories of the day. We had the most wonderful, loving, supportive people with us & you could feel the love in the air. Our wedding was testament to the fact that it really is all about a celebration of love with those who you love…… xox

Lu and Chris with the people most special to them.

Congratulations if you are getting married! If you are in the process of planning or have already chosen Hannah Lind as your celebrant, I can assure you that you will have the most beautiful ceremony, lovingly written to be perfectly fitted to you as a couple that you will cherish forever!

I have the pleasure of being involved behind the scenes with every wedding Hannah is Celebrant for through my small business called Pickles & Stitches.

Each season I create a collection of handmade wedding cards which Hannah includes in the keepsake packs she sends to couples after their wedding. It’s an honour to be asked by Hannah to provide these cards & it makes me really happy to be involved, even in my small way.

If you would like to know more about what I do, you can find me at or find me on Instagram if you search picklesandstitches.’

Congratulations on your engagement!  Wherever and however you’re choosing to get married, happy planning!  If you’re getting married in the Mackenzie Country, South Canterbury, Mt Cook or North Otago and are in the market for a young, fun celebrant who will make sure you have a ceremony that fits the two of you perfectly, I’d love to hear from you.  You can see more about me and message me at Marriage Celebrant Hannah Lind call me on 027 384 7886 or email me at

Hannah xx

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