Why Celebrants Are Like Marmite

The big question… when should you book your celebrant?

Well let me muddy the waters with a food analogy (because yum yum food.)

Celebrants are like toast spreads… some people like Marmite, some people Vegemite (weirdos), some people like jam or honey or peanut butter.

The breakfast/ celebrant line up… minus the jam – there was no photogenic jam available.

Your celebrant is the person who will set the scene for your day, who will be speaking the words that marry you, who will say everything you want to say about how awesome getting married is, how ridiculously happy you are to be marrying the person next to you.  They are the ones who you will look  to, to focus you if it all gets a bit much, who will be going into bat for you if it looks like it might start spitting and your Aunties are making noises about moving your beautiful outdoor ceremony inside.

You need to make sure the celebrant you book is the right flavour for you.  Having a peanut butter celebrant when you wanted a Marmite one could actually totally ruin your day.

Celebrants are also like toast spreads because the more popular they are, the faster the jar runs out (or the diary fills up in case the analogy was a little too subtle).

If it turns out the perfect celebrant for you is the super popular one in your area… well there’s actually a possibility, a probability even, that they will be taking bookings for over a year into the future.

Especially if the date you’ve chosen is a long weekend or at the height of wedding season… personally I think the wedding season runs September to April with the height being late October to February. (But that’s different for every celebrant – some are busier in March or April or June!)

So my answer to the original question is… as soon as you know when and where, start chatting with celebrants – you might meet one, love them and book on the spot, you might meet a few to decide which is right for the two of you.  Everyone’s planning time frame is different, whether you’ve got a year, 8 months or 6 weeks from starting planning to the big day… lock in your celebrant asap to avoid being caught up in the wedding equivalent of the great Marmite shortage of 2012.


Wherever you’re getting married, congratulations and happy planning!  If you’re looking for a fun, young celebrant up for a wedding challenge anywhere in Central Otago (possibly even beyond) I’d love to hear from you.  

You can learn more about me and message me on Facebook

Call or text me on 027 384 7886

Or email me at hannahlind4@gmail.com

Hannah xx

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