Why A Wedding Is Like A Birthday

This Wednesday will be my 34th birthday.  I love my birthdays!  I do not give two hoots what the number is.  To me my birthday isn’t a commiseration that I’m getting older, it’s a celebration that I’ve survived another year.  And as such (after much trial and error) I have found a way to celebrate my birthday, that I love.  

Every year I open a bottle of champagne, not sparkling wine, the real deal.  On my birthday I’m celebrating therefore I am worth drinking money!  Some years I share it, some years I have it all to myself (those years were generally all before children arrived!) I make whatever cake takes my fancy.  This year it’s Lumberjack cake

I invite a few friends around to share in the cake and the bubbles, some good gossip.  That’s it and I love it.  

This works for me because I’m happiest celebrating low key, low stress, with really really expensive wine (life goal is to one day afford a bottle of Krug)

And some of the other celebrations in my life (husband and my lives together) we’ve enjoyed most, are the same.  Our wedding was beautiful and definitely enjoyable, but the celebration that gives me the most happy feels was our engagement party.  We lived in a gorgeous house in Ravensbourne just out of Dunedin with the biggest back yard.  It was a beautiful evening and we packed about 40 people into our house/ back yard for a bbq, backyard cricket, drinks, chats.  We put on the meat (and non meat for the vegetarians) and a giant chocolate cake, and asked everyone else to bring a salad and their drinks.  It was great!

The reason I loved it, why we loved it?  Because it fit the way we love to celebrate perfectly.  Low stress, low key, good friends, good fun (I hadn’t yet discovered really really expensive wine, that didn’t happen till our wedding)

When you first start planning your wedding (and I wish someone had said this to me when we first got engaged) ask yourself how you love to celebrate the most.  If for you the answer is ‘I go large, extravaganza all the way baby!’ then that is the cornerstone for planning for you.  If like me the answer is ‘low key, low stress, good friends, good fun’, then that should be the cornerstone for you.  If you’re someone who celebrates just you and your love… then run with that!

Does it mean if I did it again I’d have a backyard bbq wedding?  Not exactly, but I’d worry a lot less about what you were supposed to do at a wedding and a lot more about what made us happy.

Wherever and however you’re choosing to get married, congratulations and happy planning!

If you’re looking for a fun young celebrant up for a wedding challenge in Central Otago (and beyond) I’d love to hear from you.  You can find me on Facebook call or text me on 027 384 7886 or email me at hannahlind4@gmail.com
Hannah xx

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