Celebrants In the Pride Parade!

Yesterday was the 2017 Auckland Pride Parade.  And for the very first time, a group of celebrants registered to march in it.  A group I am very very proud to be a part of!  We are The Glitter of Celebrants – more about us here.  We are from all around NZ, we all believe in your wedding your way, and we all believe love and marriage is for everyone… opposite sex, same sex – you love who you love!


We made the decision pretty last minute, so while there are 31 of us in total, we had a small but perfectly formed delegation of 5 glittery wonderful celebrants representing us on the march.


Philippa Thomas from Queenstown Justine Russell-Cowan from Auckland Chloe Boerema from Hamilton Rochelle Fleming from Auckland and Laura Giddey from Auckland.


For the first time the Pride Parade was streamed live (and still available to watch now) on TVNZ On Demand, so for the first time I got to watch it. Not live in the end, because so many other people were watching it live the site couldn’t cope!   What I saw was magical – colourful, glittery, fun, diverse groups all celebrating diversity within their communities, workplaces and society in general… and a very excited Matty McLean!


At the time of writing this, I’ve had the honour of performing 51 marriages, 5 of them for same sex couples.  Because we love photos, here’s a gorgeous one of Alistair and Jamie who had a beautiful lakeside elopement in Tekapo.

This gorgeous photo was taken by Chris Stanley of Focus CS Photography
Halie and Anika’s beautiful hilltop ceremony in Tekapo.  This gorgeous photo taken by Julia Johnstone.




Whether you’re a same sex or an opposite sex couple, you will always get from me, and every other Glitter of Celebrants celebrant, a hearty heartfelt congratulations!  If we’re not available for your date we’ll do our best to leave you with details of a few other celebrants who we think will be a fit for you, who will also only offer you hearty heartfelt congratulations.  Because that’s what every happy couple deserves at this happiest time in their relationship!


Wherever you’re choosing to marry, whoever you’re choosing to marry, congratulations and happy planning!

If you’re looking for a fun young celebrant up for a wedding challenge in Central Otago – I’m based in Alexandra but happy to travel –  I’d love to hear from you…

You can message me on Facebook, call or text me on 027 384 7886 or email me at hannahlind4@gmail.com

If you’re looking for an awesome celebrant somewhere else around the country, take a look at all the other Glitter celebrants here.
Hannah xx

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