Breakfast weddings… the way of the future!

Fellow Glitter Squad celebrant Tom went to a friend’s wedding, a breakfast wedding and said I (slightly edited) quote ‘they’re the way of the future. We need to make them happen!’ I decided he was right, we do need to make them happen.  Hence why I’ve just launched my new ‘Pancakes and Coffee Special’ celebrant package.

There’s a whole lot of reasons to love breakfast weddings.  If you follow me on Instagram (@hannahlindotagocelebrant in case you were wondering), you’ll know breakfast food and coffee are favourites of mine, so there’s that.

It’s also a classy way to say “we don’t want to pay for you to get completely twisted.” because most people (most) won’t expect there to be an open bar at a 10am wedding.  A couple of glasses of bubbly, absolutely, and plenty of good coffee (because coffee is life!) some nice OJ… but not multiple kegs of beer and cases of wine.


It’s a good way to make savings while still providing a delicious sit down meal for your guests, because breakfast food costs way less (while being way better) than beef, chicken, salads etc.  I even checked with an actual chef, I’m not making it up!

You get to have your ceremony, spend several hours eating and mingling with your guests THEN with plenty of daylight left, go for your photos AND celebrate the end of your wedding day with an intimate dinner together.

You get to set the levels of formality/ casual chic.  Yes you get to do that no matter what time of day you get married, but a breakfast wedding doesn’t come with evening expectations.  This is uncharted territory, run with it!

So that’s why I think breakfast weddings are entirely loveable.  And this is how I’m going to make them happen… so the Pancakes and Coffee Special celebrant package I talked about earlier, it’s another way to make savings.  I still give you the full service you’d get if you booked my most popular package (The Artisan) BUT you’ll pay $395 instead of $470… all you have to do is book your ceremony for 10am or earlier.

So come on team, let’s make breakfast weddings happen, because they are the way of the future!

Want to know more about all of my package options?  Check them out here

Want to know more about The Glitter Squad Celebrants I mentioned at the beginning?  Check us out here


Wherever and whenever you’re planning to get married – massive congratulations!  If you’re looking for a fun young celebrant I’d love to hear from you. I’m based in Alexandra, but happy to travel around Central Otago and beyond.  I’m up for a challenge, (breakfast time or otherwise) so hit me with your ideas and we’ll go from there.  

You can contact me on Facebook, call or text me on 027 384 7886 or email me at


Hannah xx

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