Best Job Ever!

You know when you’ve been away from your job for a while… you come back, sit in that chair and (assuming you have a job you love) you’re grateful for the recharge, the holiday you’ve just had, but you’re in the zone, you’re where you belong.

I’m lucky that that’s me.  I’m a celebrant and I bloody love it!

Today I had my first wedding for the busy season (it’s Central Otago/ Wanaka/ Queenstown let’s face it there’s no such thing as a completely off season here, just busy and less busy!)  I got to go to work beside stunning Lake Hawea just out of Wanaka.  Stacey and Jimmy’s ceremony was in a perfect spot just out of the wind on the shore of the lake.

Their arch was epic!  Totally them.  And the view, the view!

Being amongst their guests as they chatted, getting my PA system sorted out (everything triple checked yesterday and the day before because that’s how I roll), chatting with the groom as we waited for his bride – we could hear her coming down the drive in a wicked royal blue Impala.  Watching his face as he saw her walk down the aisle towards him.  The smile on her Dad’s face as he kissed his daughter on her wedding day.  Getting some excellent cheers and laughs out of their wonderfully enthusiastic guests.  Stacey’s tears during her vows.  Their frankly epic first kiss.  The great talk and glass of bubbly with Uncle Terry afterwards… this is my bliss!

Jimmy was saving his smiles for the miles of photos yet to be taken.  He was stoked though, you should have seen the first kiss!

I’ll write a post that really is all about Stacey and Jimmy’s beautiful wedding day when I have some excellent photos to share (sorry about the phone pics!)  Today I wanted to share how stoked I am to be starting a new wedding season doing the best job in the world!

And how absolutely brilliant it is to get to do it with the support of rad celebrants like Gina!

Hannah and Gina #glittersquad for life!

And now celebrating a job well done with (another) glass of bubbly.

No symbolism intended, it’s just bloody nice, and local, grapes grown just out of Tarras!

Wherever and however you’re getting married – massive congratulations!  If you’re looking for a fun young celebrant I’d love to hear from you. I’m based in Alexandra, but happy to travel around Central Otago and beyond.  I’m up for a challenge, so hit me with your ideas and we’ll go from there.

You can contact me on Facebook, call or text me on 027 384 7886 or email me at

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