A Christmas Fairytale (Wedding)

My story begins a lot of years ago… 10 years ago, maybe more.  Well before I became a celebrant or had kids so I’m out of life landmarks to date it.

Anyway, it was Christmas morning and my Dad and I were on our way into town (Invercargill) to pick up someone or something… good thing that’s not the point of the story.

Me and my Dad… it was hard to find a pic of us together 😉

We drove past our neighbours place.  They had quite a few cars outside.  Dad commented that they must have had all the family (as in both sides) there for Christmas Day.

They did, we found out later they’d planned it that way so they could get married with all their families there – because everyone shows up for Christmas what with the pav and the presents – without the stress of planning a ‘wedding’ in the more traditional sense.

I’d show up pretty much anywhere for a good pav!


Once the presents were opened, they’d organised for a celebrant to knock on the door, come in, get them hitched and leave them with their shocked, happy families to celebrate their marriage with a big delicious Christmas dinner.

This isn’t right for everybody, and that’s cool!  It’s about finding what IS right for you and running with it… and I’m here to help you get what you want, not tell you what you can and can’t do.

Would I do a Christmas Day wedding?  Comes down to when and where for me.  If I’m popping down the street or across town for an hour, I’m in!  But Christmas Day is the one day this celebrant won’t be pouring a coffee into her favourite travel mug and hitting the road.

Getting married or not this Christmas Day, may you have a lovely smooch and a really good pav!

If you’re after a fun young celebrant anywhere in Central Otago or beyond and you want to have a chat (over coffee… or a cheeky wine!) get in touch, we’ll make a date, whether in person or via Skype.   I’m up for a challenge, so hit me with your ideas and we’ll go from there.

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