Real Weddings: Amy and Cam

On January the 3rd this year, I married a couple who as soon as they said ‘I do’ climbed into a swing harness and jumped off a platform for a 60 metre freefall and 200 metre swing.  It’s not for everyone, but it was perfect for them!

Swing 01 - Multi
All of the staff at the Shotover Canyon Swing were so lovely and helpful!

Amy and Cam met in Queenstown, they’d both come from overseas (Amy from England, Cam from Australia) to live and work in Queenstown and travel around NZ… and by the time Cam went home to Australia they were hooked on each other, so hooked Amy lives in Australia now too.  Starting with Queenstown (of course) they’ve jumped off heaps of bridges and platforms around the world together.  So when it came time to tie the knot, they decided to come back to where it all began, bringing friends and family from across the globe with them, and combine it with their favourite pastime of jumping off things.

Definitely a flats or very sensible heels track, but a lovely walk to arrive at your wedding.  Photo courtesy of G Imagery (visit him at g_imagery on Instagram)

They held their ceremony on the deck of the main building of the Shotover Canyon Swing.  

Amy walked in on her Dad’s arm to the instrumental interlude of Final Countdown (I managed to keep my singing along in my head doodle-oo-do doodle-oo-do-do) and their ceremony was a beautiful mix of fun and laughter, love and commitment.

What a view! Photo courtesy of G Imagery (visit him at g_imagery on Instagram)

You can see what they have to say about it, and me, here

And after taking that plunge, Amy changed her wedding dress for one safe for jumping in, added some tights and her and Cam took another plunge.  Followed by a lot of their friends and family, many who’d never even considered doing anything like this

Why did I love their wedding?  Not because I’m a fellow adrenaline junkie (I’m working on saying yes more often, but I still chickened out on the day).  But because they chose to celebrate in a way that was so them.  Everything from their ceremony location to the bubbly and Fergbaker pies on the shores of Lake Wakatipu afterwards was exactly how they wanted to celebrate their wedding.  

Congratulations you two cool cats!  Photo courtesy of G Imagery (visit him at g_imagery on Instagram)

And yes doing what’s right for you, rather than what you ‘should’ do is a big deal for me – you can read my thoughts on that here


And if you’re interested in any of Amy and Cam’s suppliers…


Celebrant:  Me!

Venue:  Shotover Canyon Swing

Photographer: G of G Imagery

Caterers:  Fergbaker and Little Blackwood
If you’re after a fun young celebrant anywhere in Central Otago or beyond and you want to have a chat (over coffee… or a cheeky wine!) get in touch, we’ll make a date, whether in person or via Skype.   I’m up for a challenge, so hit me with your ideas and we’ll go from there.




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