Meet My Mate: Dear Lissy Photography

I first met Lissy when she was the photographer for my cousin Tanya’s wedding.  


I was the celebrant, she was the photographer so it was a rushed meeting in passing.  

Then I met her again as Mum of a wee girl who went to the same Kindy as my wee girl. We said hi at drop off and pick up time, but that was it until eventually someone told me Lissy was a wedding photographer and we should have a chat.  So I (of course) Facebook stalked her, saw the pics of my cousin’s wedding and it all came flooding back.


And those photos, wow!  Same with all the other photos on her Facebook page (honestly have a look!).

I’m nearly five years into my celebrant career and thought it was about time I had some proper photos taken and stop relying on getting a good one from a wedding or selfies taken on my phone.  Of course I called Lissy! We organised to spend the morning in Clyde (Lissy’s suggestion, and a brilliant one! So many photo ops within metres!)

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Photo Courtesy Dear Lissy Photography

I wanted photos that showcased my personality as much as ‘business headshots’.  I didn’t need to go into detail, I just had to bring a few pieces from my wardrobe and a willingness to have a good time. We started with coffee at Oliver’s/ The Merchant of Clyde – good girl Lissy, a woman after my own heart who knows that everything good ever starts with a good coffee!


And went from there.  She put me at ease, we chatted, had a laugh (and you can tell from the photos it was a real laugh) all the while Lissy was taking photos – some she sent me I don’t even remember her taking she was that unobtrusive! I’m beyond thrilled with the photos Lissy sent me, and as such I have no qualms about recommending her 1000%.  You don’t need to take my word for it though, take a look at Lissy’s website, get in touch, meet up with her, get a feel for it she’s the right fit for you and your day… but before you do, I’ll let her talk a bit about herself and what she does.


Lissy take it away.


I like to think that my style closely reflects my personality. I grew up in Central so my love for being immersed in the outdoors was developed from a very young age. I bring a definite energy to my work just out of sheer passion for what I do, and genuine love for authentic story telling.


Couples that I work with are in whole like-minded folk who are down to earth and have a great sense of humor. My style reflects closely in the way I capture moments naturally and unobtrusively. I like to just blend into the day and with my experience I know exactly where I need to be to capture those incredible fleeting moments.


(Usually I would ask about my mate’s wedding day.  But Lissy and Sam are taking it slow, 16 years and counting, and a beautiful engagement ring.  So instead I got nosy about their engagement)

No wedding pic, but here they are going to their school ball together!!

We’re definitely private people.  So it was just the two of us over a gorgeous candlelit dinner at home.  It definitely wasn’t showy, but it was so romantic and so us. And just perfect.

(Which does lead me nicely to my next question – you’ve seen a lot of weddings, what do you think goes into planning the happiest days?)

I think it’s being authentic with knowing who you are, what you love and reflecting this in every detail of your day.

Book vendors because they resonate with what you love and offer a service that will not only will deliver on professional quality but because the person behind the name will offer so much greatness to your dream day. Surround yourself with like-minded souls and it will be a truly unforgettable day. Be you. Embrace change and remain truly present in the moment.

A more up to date photo of Lissy and her Sam

(Lissy told me she’d go anywhere in the whole galaxy for the right couple, but more specifically…) her weddings have spanned across New Zealand and Australia, with a strong focus in the heart of Central Otago.

And how would you recommend a couple goes about finding their photographer (or their celebrant)?

Start with asking yourself if you truly know the style you love, does it ring loud and clear as soon as you ask this or is it seemingly vague and you have a real mash up of styles going on in your social feed and can’t pick what one reflects you best? Crafting a clear understanding from the start as to what you love allows you to contact vendors with real meaning and intent.


Remember, you want to surround yourself with a creative team that will truly get who you are. Emailing without purpose, will find you a professional photographer within budget sure, but it will always fall short of finding that right someone who gets you, gets your quirks & resonates 100% with who you are. Do some research, go for coffee you’ll soon know if you’re onto a winner by the immediate feeling you get when you meet and chat.

If we’re talking celebrant they’re the person who is going to be telling your story, you want it told in the right way.

Lissy and I are both Alexandra locals.  So if either (or both) of us sound like your cup of coffee (or glass of wine) get in touch, we’re both happy to have a chat over that coffee or wine, or if you’re not living locally, skype!

You’ll find me here

And Lissy here

And wherever, whenever and however you’re getting married, happy planning and massive congratulations!

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  1. frejatravels says:

    lovely story and and the photos are stunning


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