What’s a Registry Wedding… and What’s a Registry Alternative?

So a registry wedding used to mean you made an appointment and went to the courthouse and were married in a courthouse room by the duty registrar.  You could have some but not many witnesses and the words of your ceremony were non-negotiable.

As of June this year Births Deaths Marriages has opted to discontinue the option of getting married at the Courthouse, and instead Independent Celebrants have been offered the opportunity to apply to take Registry Weddings – that is to say, use the exact script previously offered only within the Courthouse setting.

And to be clear.  I opted not to apply for this.  But instead wrote my own Registry Alternative package.

I wrote a ceremony that while like the traditional Registry Wedding is mostly non-negotiable (I’m totally happy for you to write you own vows), I believe it better reflects me, my style and the style of the couples who dig my vibe.

Also like a traditional Registry Wedding my Registry Alternative Package comes with conditions.

*I’m based in Alexandra.  So I only offer this package within Alexandra.

*The location is your choice and your responsibility.  My suggestions are your home or the home of family or friends or a public spot around town eg. Alexandra Lookout, Jolendale Park or the banks of the Clutha or Manuherikia.

*It’s only available Monday to Thursday any time after 9am.

*Please no more than 8 guests.

*I need you to be organised and ready to get started within 5 minutes of the agreed time.

There are a whole lot of reasons why you might be considering a registry style wedding, whatever yours is, I’m happy to talk more about whether my Registry Alternative Package is a good match for you.  Fill out the contact form below or find all my contact details on my Contact Me page. And congratulations!

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