Real Weddings: Karli and Dan’s New Year’s Eve Heliwedding

What a wedding is, is different for every couple.  Just like what the best imaginable dinner is, is different for every person

As I can’t find the pictures of the amazing five course dinner cooked for me by my chef sister in law… this kind of dinner comes in second for me, yes with a book for company too!

For Karli and Dan, their perfect wedding was atop a mountain in Queenstown.  With me, an amazing photographer to capture it all (big ups to Andy Brown)

I mean just look at this… isn’t it beautiful!! Photo courtesy of

A wicked as tie ordered specially for the big day, a bottle of delicious local bubbly to toast the occasion (big ups to  And thanks Karli and Dan for sharing, it really is the best!
They flew down from Auckland, relaxed, enjoyed each other’s company and arrived at so excited to be getting married!

Getting to fly around in helicopters never ever gets old. Photo courtesy of

They chose my Pick N Mix package.  Meaning they chose one of three ceremonies, one of four sets of vows and one of three ring exchange options, I put it together and bada bing bada boom they had a ceremony ready to go.  They said their vows to each other with so much love and emotion. It was so beautiful to see!

They chose the Pick N Mix ceremony which features ‘play rock paper scissors to decide who says their vows first’ Photo courtesy of

And all of this was on New Year’s Eve – like seriously can you think of a better way to celebrate seeing out another year together than this!

While Andy had them climbing all over the mountain, taking amazing shots

Like this one… which will forever remind them of the moment Karli stepped in sheep poo in bare feet on top of a mountain on their wedding day Photo Courtesy of

I sat and chatted with the helicopter pilot (I swear they have some of the best stories!)

And after we flew back down, they went off to take a couple more shots before heading back to their hotel room, to get changed and celebrate their wedding day with a celebratory New Year’s Eve guided pub crawl Kiwi Crawl  No waiting in lines and according to Karli and Dan, excellent fun!

Interested in who Karli and Dan’s vendors were?

Celebrant: Me!


Helicopter Company:

Hair and make up:

After match Pub Crawl:

The dress: created by Karli’s very clever mum!


The tie:

Whatever your wedding your way means to you, I’m in!  If you’re after a fun young celebrant anywhere in Central Otago or beyond and you want to have a chat (over coffee… or a cheeky wine!) get in touch, you can fill in the handy contact form below or find all of my contact details on my contact page.  We’ll make a date, whether in person or via Skype. I’m up for a challenge, so hit me with your ideas and we’ll go from there.

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