Real Weddings: Kyle and Melissa

What has meaning and relevance is different in every relationship.  It meant a lot to Kyle and Melissa that they share their wedding day with their immediate families, but that it also be an adventure.  

This car was the cutest!! Thanks to courtesy of:
Kyle and Melissa arriving together. Yes, you can do that, and I think it’s lovely! Photo courtesy of

And so Kyle and Melissa brought their families with them to Wanaka, where they tied the knot on the lake shore at Waterfall Creek just out of Wanaka.

Their Mums (or Moms) were their witnesses. Photo courtesy of

Their first date (which wasn’t intended to be a date at all, just two friends doing a thing) was a road trip to a Lucero concert (they’re a pretty cool US band, check them out here  

Usually I’m a fan of no phones please… But when not everyone can travel all the way across the world with you, getting someone to Facetime someone special while you tie the knot is pretty amazing!
Photo courtesy of:

The day Kyle proposed was at another Lucero concert. I couldn’t convince Lucero to come to Wanaka to give a very small unpaid concert…. But I could bring along my speaker with a beautiful Lucero song cued up ready to play as they walked into their ceremony together (link to song), so what had been a big part of their relationship, could continue.  They didn’t know it was coming, as playing secret squirrel is one of my favourite things to do 🙂

Photo courtesy of

Kyle and Melissa also wanted to build a future celebration into their ceremony.  So they incorporated a wine box ceremony. As part of their ceremony they locked a bottle of delicious Central Otago wine (one that ages well) into a box with their wedding vows with the intention that they open the box, share the wine and relive how they felt on their wedding day on their tenth wedding anniversary.  I know making a decision about which wine to choose, even picking up the wine is difficult when you don’t live in the area, when you don’t even live in the country! So I went and had a chat to the very knowledgeable wine guys at Henry’s in Cromwell, got a few recommendations, let Kyle and Melissa make the final call and then picked up for them and took with me to their wedding day.

Store your wine well and in 1 or 5 or 10 years you’ll have a delicious bottle of wine to share and reminisce.
Photo courtesy of :
I just love this photo. It’s everything! The location, the commitment, the wine!
Photo courtesy of :

Kyle and Melissa looked gorgeous, but more importantly looked so happy, because they had done their wedding their way, including a gorgeous wedding car, a helicopter flight after the ceremony for some amazing photos and shared it all with their families who mean so much to them.

Everybody going for a flight! Photo courtesy of:
You know how much excitement is contained in this shot! They’re in a helicopter! They’re newly married! They’re sharing it all with their families! They’re in NZ! This is what love looks like! Photo courtesy of:

Want to know who made Kyle and Melissa’s day everything they wanted it to be?  Here’s the full list

Celebrant:  Me!






Hair:  Absolutely Fabulous Hair (guests’ hair was done by Sharp Hair

Makeup: ( the guests’ make up)

Dress:, Kansas, US)

Suit:, Kansas, US)

Wine to toast:

Wine Box Wine:

Wine Box:  Made by my delightful husband

If you’re after a fun young celebrant anywhere in Central Otago or beyond and you want to have a chat (over coffee… or a cheeky wine!) get in touch, you can fill in the handy contact form below or find all of my contact details on my contact page.  We’ll make a date, whether in person or via Skype. I’m up for a challenge, so hit me with your ideas and we’ll go from there.

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