To kiss or not to kiss

PDA.  You either reacted with yeah whatevs or threw up a little in your mouth.

There is no right way or wrong way to feel about PDA, your own or someone else’s… but right now I’m talking about your own.

Mwah mwah mwah!

Because it can feel like it’s expected of you.  That on your wedding day you will be totally comfortable having a pash (1990’s slang for passionate kiss) with your significant other in front of your grandparents, when normally that would be a big NO THANKS from you.

I’m here to tell you you’ve got options.  Yes one of them is have a ‘first kiss’ (we know it’s not actually your first, but we like pretending) as part of your ceremony.  But you get to decide how PDA it is. You don’t need to get tongues involved (though you can if you want) but even if what you choose to do is a closed mouth uber respectable kiss, you have to kiss for more than 0.25 seconds so your photographer can get a good shot.  I’m not sure anyone has ever better described the optimum first kiss kiss than Drew Barrymore with the assistance of Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer (Yes I love that movie, I took it out so many times the video shop suggested I might be better to just buy it)

And if the thought of the kiss in front of everyone just makes you dread your wedding day then here are some other things we can try.  You still kiss but hold your bouquet up in front of you shielding your faces from view. (Please please please tell your photographer this is the plan in advance though!)

Photo courtesy of Pexels.

I wind up the I now pronounce you husband and wife/ husband and husband/ wife and wife bit with so (name) you may now kiss your bride/ groom… or give her/ him a heartfelt handshake and you rock on in with a heartfelt handshake, maybe a hug, a peck on the cheek, everyone has a good laugh and feels like what happened was what was supposed to happen.

Ricky and Lauren’s heartfelt handshake Photo courtesy of

We move the pronouncement to the very end of the ceremony and instead of going into the I now pronounce script we replace it with Ladies and Gentlemen I give you (name and name) the newlyweds, you join hands and boogie down the aisle to Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta singing You Are the One I Want (ooh ooh ooh!) or insert more age appropriate song.

Or since I’m making this a post full of all my favourite movies… (yes I have quite cliche tastes)

Whatever your wedding your way means to you, I’m in!  If you’re after a fun young celebrant anywhere in Central Otago or beyond and you want to have a chat (over coffee… or a cheeky wine!) get in touch, you can fill in the handy contact form below or find all of my contact details on my contact page.  We’ll make a date, whether in person or via Skype. I’m up for a challenge, so hit me with your ideas and we’ll go from there.

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