Real Weddings: Steph and Scott’s Cromwell Wedding

As usual I’m writing this from my home office (kitchen table), but today I’m surrounded by my family, also working or studying from home.  If you’re reading this in the future – remember that time we all stayed home for ages because of the germs? (It’s just the easiest way to explain to a 3 year 10 times a day why we can’t go to the playground, so I’m rolling with it) Well I’m on day 2. (Well it was day 2 when I started writing this, and about day 40 when I actually published it!)

This post is actually about a much much MUCH cooler day.  The day Steph and Scott got married in Cromwell in January 2020.

Beautiful garden right!! Photo courtesy of

It’s one of my favourite weddings of all time!  Why?  Because Steph and Scott are the best people ever (I’ll take my payment in chocolate thanks guys).  Just kidding, while they are awesome, the reason it’s one of my all time faves is they started down the track of having a traditional big wedding, worked out they really REALLY didn’t want to do that.  Then spent some time working out what it was they did want to do.  Every aspect of their day was a concious decision to only include what mattered to them.  

What that means for everyone will be different.  It’s what makes this big beautiful planet we live on so fabulous!  For Steph and Scott that meant their families would be there – just their immediate families.  Parents, brothers, sisters, their partners and children.

It meant it would be in New Zealand.  They live and work in Australia with their two gorgeous boys, so Steph’s family gets the most hang out time.

It would be Central Otago where Scott’s parents live.  It would be at a low stress venue.  Which to them meant Scott’s parents place in Cromwell.

They would have a wicked celebrant (moi).  They would also have a wicked photographer who fit their vibe 100% (welcome to the story Andy Brown.  Andy, you can also pay me in chocolate.)

Their ceremony would feature live bagpipes. 

Photo courtesy of

Steph would arrive in a sleek elegant Jag. 

Photo courtesy of

And be preceded down the aisle by son Henry and nephew Israel driving a wicked cool child size Ford Ranger. 

These two dudes were brilliant! Photo courtesy of

And for a moment you couldn’t plan, but will be one of the most often told stories about their wedding for decades to come – you have never seen a 4 year old driver more intent on the perfect parking job.  A lot of reversing a couple of 3 point turns, nearly crashing into the garden and then jumping out to let his cousin Henry, Steph and Scott’s son, the ring bearer out of his door which had gotten stuck. 

Taking their jobs very seriously, and doing them so well! Photo courtesy of

All this did distract Scott and I did have to quietly elbow him to point out his gorgeous bride was now making her way down the aisle.

Steph walking down the aisle with her Mum and brother. Photo courtesy of

Once the truck was parked, I told their beautiful, real story.  They made thoughtful vows to each other.  And a toast to end the ceremony.

Afternoon tea was some truly delicious platters catered by Gertrude Larder and Catering by Glenda Rogers.

This food, oh my gosh it was so good!! Photo courtesy of

I’ve forgotten to mention it was approximately 4 million degrees.  After the ceremony, a glass of truly delicous champers and nibbles Steph and Scott escaped the heat of Cromwell to one of my favourite spots in the world – the top of the Nevis. 

Photo courtesy of
Via photogenic Old Cromwell. Photo courtesy of

Where Andy took some magnificent photos to mark the occasion. 

The Nevis, that view right! Photo courtesy of
You two got style! Photo courtesy of
Don’t be afraid to include somewhere special in your location shots. For Scott that’s Old Woman Hut. Photo courtesy of
And this is what love looks like. Photo courtesy of

Dinner was a meal booked at Cromwell’s Stoaker Room.  They mentioned when they booked that they were coming for their wedding celebration, but I don’t think they were expected in full wedding finery!

Interested in Steph and Scott’s suppliers? Here they are!

Celebrant: Me!


Hair: at

Makeup: Julia Gray

Bagpiper: Roddy Maxwell from the Queenstown Pipe Band

Dress: in Australia

Suit: (though Scott’s came from an Australian outlet)

Flowers: Jean Mackenzie of Cromwell

Right now like everyone else I’m staying home to save the world.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not available to chat about your plans for when this is all over – just it’ll be via Skype or whatever online video calling platform works for you.  And in fact Andy and I are cooking up a plan for elopements in the beautiful Nevis, details to be revealed soon!

Whatever your wedding is going to look like, massive congratulations and happy planning!  If you want to chat, please get in touch!  Fill in the handy contact form below or find all of my contact details over on the Contact Me page.

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