Elope at Home

Okay that title is slightly misleading.  If what you want to do is elope in your own literal back yard, spectacular, fantastic and I’m in!  But let’s take a wider view of what ‘home’ means and include this whole beautiful country especially my back yard – Central Otago and the Maniototo.

Like here where Steph and Scott got some awesome shots! Duffer’s Saddle in the Nevis just a short drive from Cromwell. Photo courtesy of https://andybrown.co.nz/

I know some of you will be looking down the barrel of changing your plans. And whatever your plans are changing from, you absolutely get to take some time to stomp around shouting that it’s not fair, because it’s not!  But then you get to decide what it is you want to do – postpone till later, brilliant plan!  Look at what else you might love, also a brilliant plan!

And some of you have started planning your wedding over the last few weeks, congratulations!

And some more of you just want something to read with pretty pictures that’s not about lock down life (welcome, enjoy!)

Whatever your situation, I want to share a few spots I know about around Central Otago and the Maniototo.  They work whether you’re thinking big or small.

This is Oliver’s in Clyde.  And they have everything, luxury, history, food that makes me unintentionally moan out loud with happiness every time I eat there, great coffee and style to die for.

A beautiful wedding on Oliver’s front lawn. Flowers by https://www.thevase.net.nz/ beautifully captured by https://www.facebook.com/LuisaApanuiPhotography/
About to get started! Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/LuisaApanuiPhotography/ and celebrant https://www.newzealandweddings.co.nz/directory/ellita-marianne/
Celebratory dinner in Oliver’s restaurant. They’ll cater for you and make it magical no matter how big or small! Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/LuisaApanuiPhotography/

Stay the night in one of their beautiful suites and get married in their front garden surrounded by lovingly tended gardens, the next day.  Or we could go into the hills with a local photographer and find an amazing spot (you’ll find a whole bunch of talented photographers over on my trusted vendors page Trusted vendors.)  With of course a celebratory dinner in Oliver’s award winning restaurant after!

What to do the next day?  Well Clyde has a lot of delicious fine dining on offer.  There’s wine tours, good coffee everywhere you look, movies, The Otago Central Rail Trail, in season there’s fruit picking… maybe I should just give you the link to Central Otago tourism! https://www.centralotagonz.com/trade-and-media/tourism-central-otago

This is Nikki and Ben’s wedding above Blue Lake at St Bathans.  One of my favourite out of the way spots… After the ceremony they went to Pitches Store for a celebratory lunch, and their reviews were of the rave variety!

Long time history buff here. Nikki and Ben utilised this beautiful spot for their first look shoot. If you love it too, you can use it for whatever you want! Photo courtesy of https://www.fluidphoto.com/
Mere steps from their ceremony location, this is the view of Blue Lake, and if you don’t have guests to accommodate this could be your spot. Photo courtesy of https://www.fluidphoto.com/
The views here just keep giving and giving, high five St Bathans Photo courtesy of https://www.fluidphoto.com/
Or down here on the lake front! Photo courtesy of https://www.fluidphoto.com/

This is Erin and Andrew’s Naseby wedding.  In the backyard of Andrew’s family crib (bach/ holiday home if you’re not from Southland). 

Naseby’s quaint quiet main street, still life with wedding dress. Photo courtesy of https://photo.reeve.co.nz/
Cute doggo, cute crib and Andrew legs. One of the sweetest Kiwiana cribs. Photo courtesy of https://photo.reeve.co.nz/
Naseby is dotted with and surrounded by beautiful long lived trees. Photo courtesy of https://photo.reeve.co.nz/
Ceremony in the sweet relaxing back garden. Note the spectacular butterfly gracing the fence. Photo courtesy of https://photo.reeve.co.nz/

There are a thousand (not literally) but so many beautiful, quaint holiday homes available to rent in Naseby that will not only give your whole elopement a relaxing calm vibe but look the absolute cutest in your wedding photos. 

Gems like this are everywhere! Photo courtesy of https://photo.reeve.co.nz/

Or if relaxing for an entire weekend isn’t your thing you could combine a sweet elopement with a whole lot of mountain biking on some of Central Otago’s best tracks in Naseby Forest. https://www.centralotagonz.com/visit/naseby

And finding everything you want or need for your elopement is not a problem.  Photographers, flowers, hair and make up, food, wine, a wicked awesome celebrant, Central Otago and the Maniototo have got you covered!

Whether you’re thinking big or small, happy planning and massive congratulations!  And if you want to have a chat, please get in touch and we can talk about what your Central or South Otago wedding looks like and how I can help you do it #yourweddingyourway styles!  Fill in the handy contact form below or all my contact details are over on my contact page.  For the moment via Skype or Zoom at our respective houses is the best way to go, but feel free to make a coffee or pour a wine while we talk.

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